----------------------ABU DHABI----------------------

Sunday, August 17

Grilled Shrimp...Tuna and Egg Scramble

For the Grilled Shrimp:
Set up a BBQ for grilling the shrimp. DONT peel the shrimp, only slit them into halves at the back on the vein side. Rub any spices you like into them and toss to coat in a big bowl. Place shrimp on the grill with the slit sides down and cook then do the same for the other side to give them a grilled look. When done, place all of the shrimp in a big platter and slice lemons to squeeze over them OR serve with an assortment of sauces like sweet and sour chilli sauce, etc.
Tuna and Egg Scramble
Melt a small amount of butter in a skillet, when hot, add diced tomato and cook till soft, add tuna and 1 tsp cumin powder and cook till little browned then add to this 3 eggs and scramble till done. Add salt and serve with pita bread or on sliced bread. Enjoy!

Im Back! Just in time for Ramadan...

After being gone as long as i have been i wonder if I'm still remembered! I am really happy to be back to blogging after a looooooong absence. Since February ALOT has happened in my life and alot of new things have entered my life. For those of you who followed my blog through the year and my "dieting" exploits, you will be quite amused to know that after all my hard work and kilos lost i am now, pregnant!.....(al hamdulilah)..... also, as my body is changing so is my palate! You can expect to find some "interesting" recipes from now on as well as my rantings on pregnancy and how it affects me day to day...
Ramadan will be coming around the corner any week now and what a better time to start blogging again and sharing recipes with you all. Enjoy!