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Monday, August 31

Oh, Baby!

Here is a recipe for a baby meal for 6 months+ Babies.
My Babygirl eats this twice a day and she loves it. I prefer to use Gerber Oatmeal with banana as the base and any kind of fruit in Baby food jars that my baby likes. When i started her first solids I used the Gerber Oatmeal.

you will need:
Any kind of cereal or oatmeal base for Babies 6m+
1 jar of babyfood (fruit, veg, etc ) for 6m+
60 ml of your babies milk already mixed

take the 60 ml of liquid milk and add enough baby cereal to thicken to spoon hugging texture, next add half a small jar of any babyfood your baby likes, mix well, and serve!

Tuesday, August 25


Here is a delicious recipe for Madhrooba from "Emiratican Kitchen". I tried her recipe for this yesterday and it was delicious! Its very different from the way i make it normally and the ingredients are also a bit different, but no less tasty, and probably much healthier than mine because she uses Wheat seeds and mine uses rice.....This dish makes for a great Iftar treat!
Please "click" on the title Madhrooba to visit her site and recipe for this delcious dish!

Wednesday, August 12

Slow Roast Beef and Potato Salad

Slow Roast Beef

1 Beef Brisket (as many lbs as you like)
Seasonings you like!
BBQ Sauce

Season the meat with whatever you like! Let it marinade and soak up the seasonings overnight in the fridge. Bake covered completley by tin foil in a pan at 350F for around 5 hours.
Check it every hour, if it starts to brown, add water or little beef stock to the inside of the foil and close around meat. Shortly before done, put BBQ sauce over meat and close again till done!