----------------------ABU DHABI----------------------

Monday, February 11

Taking a Breather from Blogging

Hello Everyone!

Yes I guess considering how much ve been around lately its inevitable that I would take a break from blogging! I started this blog to share my recipes and life with anyone who would be interested in it, and i do hope that i have acheived my goal in doing this.

BUT, for now with everything going on in my life, i have lost space and time for blogging on a daily basis temporarliy, inshallah......not permanently!

So, please feel free to travel through my dusty pages for any inspiration or info you might need to get a meal on the table and if you need anything or just want to say hello feel free to email me!

I dont know how long I will be gone, but, inshallah, not long!

Thanks to all of my blogger freinds who ALWAYS comment on my blog(you know who you are)! I will really miss you!

Your time and comments here are precious to me and I cannot thank you enough for taking time out from your own day to make mine brighter with your lovley and flattering comments and compliments to me....

Until we meet again!

Wednesday, February 6

Roast Chicken Sultana Style!


Cut up all the kinds of veggies you want to roast. I used garlic heads,bell peppers,onions,tomato,potato,carrot,and zucchini.

Sprinkle over this any spices you like the tastes of. I used garlic salt and ras el hanout spices with salt and pepper.

Stuff the chicken with sliced onions and a garlic bulb and a half a lemon which you used for putting over the chicken.

Rub spices over the chicken and the juice of half of that lemon you used to stuff the chicken. Put it all in a pan like above and drizzle over this olive oil.

Roast in a moderatley hot oven for one hour and for crispier chicken put it closer to the heat source in the last 5-10 minutes. Then serve!

Tuesday, February 5

Global Village @ Dubai-Food Entry

Homemade Pickles,Jams,Labneh

Saudi Dates served various ways
Indian chicken curry and tikka and parathas
Yemeni Natural Honey!