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Monday, February 11

Taking a Breather from Blogging

Hello Everyone!

Yes I guess considering how much ve been around lately its inevitable that I would take a break from blogging! I started this blog to share my recipes and life with anyone who would be interested in it, and i do hope that i have acheived my goal in doing this.

BUT, for now with everything going on in my life, i have lost space and time for blogging on a daily basis temporarliy, inshallah......not permanently!

So, please feel free to travel through my dusty pages for any inspiration or info you might need to get a meal on the table and if you need anything or just want to say hello feel free to email me!

I dont know how long I will be gone, but, inshallah, not long!

Thanks to all of my blogger freinds who ALWAYS comment on my blog(you know who you are)! I will really miss you!

Your time and comments here are precious to me and I cannot thank you enough for taking time out from your own day to make mine brighter with your lovley and flattering comments and compliments to me....

Until we meet again!


meeso said...

I hope you do come back soon...I will miss you and your posts! Good luck with the weight loss :)

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

I am definitely going to miss you! However, I shall be stalking your inbox, insha'Allah :)

I pray all goes well your end, and you'll be back to posting your yummy recipes. Insha'Allah in the meantime, I'll actually get some tried out!

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Lots of Love

umzacharia said...

AsSalamu Alaikum!!!

I'm going to miss you so much!!:(
I hope your not gone for too long but I so totally understand why you need to take the time off. Allahu barik feeki wa Jazak Allahu khair for sharing parts of yur life with all of us and putting forth all the wonderful effort on your blog.

Allah Ma'ach

Cynthia said...

Alright hon. Will miss you but I'll try to stay in touch by email.

meeso said...

Well, you may be taking a break but you're still getting an award...don't know when you'll be back or how far down the line the post will be but I'm giving you the "Nice Matters" award, because you are one of the nicest bloggers I have met so far...Hope you are enjoying your break :)

Sultana said...

Hello Everyone! I missed you all so much!

Meeso! Thank you million times!!!!

I think you deserve this award more than me....But i will humbly accept this from you....

Thank you so VERY much! you made my day...

To everyone else thank you so much for your sweet comments and emails...Im not back yet to "sultana's palate", BUT i will be posting on my other blog named "sultana's lens".....So if youd like any updates on my life and doings these days youll find it in pictures there! Just to let everyone know, i lost 15 kilos! yaaaaaay! im now almost to my goal weight with only 4 kilos left to go! wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a lovley month!

sultana ;)

Anonymous said...

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