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Wednesday, February 6

Roast Chicken Sultana Style!


Cut up all the kinds of veggies you want to roast. I used garlic heads,bell peppers,onions,tomato,potato,carrot,and zucchini.

Sprinkle over this any spices you like the tastes of. I used garlic salt and ras el hanout spices with salt and pepper.

Stuff the chicken with sliced onions and a garlic bulb and a half a lemon which you used for putting over the chicken.

Rub spices over the chicken and the juice of half of that lemon you used to stuff the chicken. Put it all in a pan like above and drizzle over this olive oil.

Roast in a moderatley hot oven for one hour and for crispier chicken put it closer to the heat source in the last 5-10 minutes. Then serve!


meeso said...

Roasted chicken & veggies, very yummy! Looks absolutely delicious :)

umzacharia said...

Salams Sultana!!

I can't believe they didn't have the Irani pavillion. Thats a shame because when I went to it it was really cool. Your roasted chicken looks great. I do this alot because it is so easy and quick. Can you tell me how you make ras el hanout spice??

Allahu Teech il 3afia, Umzacharia

Cynthia said...

I can imagine how great the flavour of those veggies are!

Anonymous said...

Essalam Alaikum Sis,

Long time no hear! How are you doing these days? How is your lifestyle change coming along? This dish is one of my favorites to make! I love roasted chicken and veggies.

ranji said...

chicken is perfectly roasted...roasted veggies add an extra flavor..love it.

Yasmeen said...

AsSalaam Alaykum Sultana,
The roasted chicken looks fabulous.
thanks for sharing
Health nut

Sam said...

What a GREAT looking Roasted chicken & veggies! What a great combination of colors and flavors. This sound delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.