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Saturday, December 22

Baked Honey Quince-Uzbek Style

This is another recipe from my friend who is from Uzbekistan. She made these for me today. I must say it is not a taste I have had before! Its a mix between sour, sweet, and something else. It would be just right with Vanilla Ice cream...
The quality of the honey used is VERY important. If you use store bought honey it will taste different from natural honey, as natural honey has a distinctly different taste from store bought honey. You can use either one, but with store bought it will be ALOT sweeter.
You will need:
4 Quinces (slice off tops and thinly slice bottoms off so they can stand up right and core, SAVE tops for later)
enough honey to fill each quince half way up
1 tbs butter for each quince
Fill each quince half way up with honey and then put in 1 tbs of butter in each quince and then close the quince with the quince tops youve saved. Bake in a pre heated oven over med heat for one hour or until reddend and softend. The quince should stand on its own and the sides should be a little cracked open.
Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream!

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