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Sunday, December 2

Batheeth and Meatball Casserole and The Persian Guest!

Batheeth(UAE Traditonal Sweet)
Meatball Casserole
Hi everyone! Well Ive had an interesting 2 days! I have a temporary guest in my home, I found him yesterday wandering behind my house. He is a VERY sweet and gentle Black Persian cat!

He has obviously been thrown out of his home, and left to starve on the street. He is matted and stinky with a cold...But, you will not meet a sweeter cat! I cannot comprehend someone throwing him out! I mean, a cat is a major responsibility! No one forced them to go the the pet store and buy him, they chose to! So, I guess they liked him as a kitten and hated him as an adult cat, and considering he is a bit sick, maybe they didn't want to bother with him anymore...It really angers me! Fortunately, Ive found him, and on Monday hes going to be health checked at the vet and shaved like a lion to take out his matts! I hope I can find him a great home, he deserves it!
On a "food" note: Above is the dishes we had for dinner and dessert. I have the recipe for the Meatball casserole already written under Sahan Kofte in my blog archive, here is the link the the original blog recipe:http://almostturkish.blogspot.com/search/label/Meaty. I highly recommend this persons blog for yummy delicious Turkish food!
The batheeth Ill post later inshallah...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sultana,

I am a big fan of your culinary blog.You'are making a great job letting the world know how good the Arab cuisine is. By the way , and about the kitten , I would like you to put into account that he may have escaped from his home & that the people he has used to live with are very worried and sad about him.I raised a persian red cat for six years , he used to go out and get back home each day , one day ,that was on April 2005 he went out like he used to do evry day and never came back .I put stickers on the walls & adverts on the daily most read newspaper in town, asked neighbours who knew him very well by the way but unluckily I never saw him again . That was too hard to bear for me & even today I get really sad when I remeber him. All this to say that the magnificent kitten is may be lost and his family is looking desperately for him....and didn't throw him away ....Hope all this leads to a happy end
Thanks again & sorry if I 've been too long

Sultana said...

Dear Meryem,

Hello :) Thank you very much for your sweet compliments on my blog :) I appreciate it!

About the Cat. Yes, I WISH it was the case that a loving family lost him, but, I have a feeling that it is not...

His hair problem and the condition of his health and the ear infections he has did not happen in a matter of 2 weeks or so,it has happened over some months..And im guessing he has only been out of his home for a few days because he is a house cat who has no idea how to find food like the street cats do, and also im sure in my area someone would have taken him and sold him by now...So because of this, i think someone just didnt know how to care for him correctly and when he started to stink and have health problems instead of help him and bring him to the vet they threw him out... It happens like this ALOT in the UAE..Many families go to the pet store and see a cute kitten and the kids want it. They take it home as a play toy for the kids, and when it gets older and needs medical attention, or even, just it gets older, and not a cute kitten anymore, they throw it out the house...

They ignore the fact that having an animal is a HUGE responsibility, as me and you know because we have taken care of cats...

Thanks for commenting about this, I know you can understand my frustration with his poor health and I hope inshallah i can find a great new home for him soon!

Please visit again in future, it was lovley to hear your opinion!

love,sultana :)

meeso said...

Sultana, It is so wonderful of you to take in the cat. Most of our pets have been rescues and they are always such greatful little pets! I don't understand how people can be indifferent to anything suffering. Animals, people...I can't understand it! He is a beautiful cat, good luck finding him a good home :)

Cynthia said...

My dear friend, how are you?

I hope you find a good home for the cat.

Thanks very much for the link to that site. I love the food there! :)

maimoona said...

it was sweet of u to provide shelter to the cat.Iam sure he is going to be a handsome cat, after its grooming.(i have a cute female cat with me,..it will b a good match:)...
nice recipes!

Sultana said...

cynthia: Hello cynthia! How are you??? I am Great...Thank God.

I too hope He finds a great home, he's just a huge chunk of Sweetness!

maimoona: Welcome to my Blog Sister :) Thank you for your sweet compliments :) He has only had his belly shaved, and it looks funny!
Hes been neutered now so im not sure if your female would have much use for him in that sense,heh heh.. But as a companion, your more than welcome to come and see if youd like to adopt him, just let me know!

jack said...

i think someone just did not know how to care for him correctly and when he started to stink and have health problems instead of help him.

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