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Thursday, December 27

Salisbury Steak and Halloumi with Peppers

Dinner Tonight!

Sultana's Halloumi and Peppers

1/2 kilo halloumi cheese sliced thinly in squares
3 bell peppers sliced thinly
2 tomatos sliced thin
2 tbs diced parsley
1 onion sliced thin
olive oil, enough for frying cheese and peppers

Heat olive oil over med-high heat, add halloumi slices and fry till golden in color. Set aside.

Heat a bit more olive oil in the pan and add the onion and peppers and salt and pepper to taste, sautee for around 15 minutes or until browned a bit and softened. Add parsley and toss, then take off heat.

Layer halloumi slices, then tomatos, then sliced peppers on a platter.


The Salisbury Steak can be found here:


Selin said...

Happy new year Sultana...

Sultana said...

Oh my! Selin :) Thank you VERY much! your so sweet :)

Cynthia said...

Steak smothered in cheese, what's not to love.

Happy new year dearest!

Sultana said...

Hee hee Thanks So much Cynthia! but its not cheese, its mushroom sauce, even better!

and to you, a Lovley New Year :)