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Wednesday, December 26

Maamoul Treats!

Hi Everyone!
I have to apologize for not posting more frequently, but now is the time of year here in UAE when we like to GET OUT of our "cement cubbie holes" and explore and enjoy the beautiful UAE in the cool breezy weather. So, because of this reason I have not been here much!
So Sorry...
You can check out my latest adventure here:
On a FOOD note: Above are some pictures of what I think is called Maamoul...My husband brought them home when I had asked for Date Maamoul and it turned out that he got the wrong thing, BUT, OH were these delicious!
They had 2 fillings: one was pistachios and sugared semolina and the other was like a basboosa filling. In case your wondering whats basboosa you can find the recipe for it in this blogs dessert menu...
They go very well with Arabic coffee or Tea.
I do not have to recipe for these as they came from the bakery, and i know the bakery will not give me the recipe! sorry...But I will be on the lookout for it!

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