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Wednesday, November 28

Chicken and White Bean Chili

Chicken and White Bean Chili

Sesame Crisp Flakes from:


For dinner tonight we had this chili above. Ive never had any chili other than the ground meat or sausage ones so chicken chili is a BIG change for me. It was delicious, BUT, not the same as the chili's I grew up on. This chili would be very good paired with crusty french bread or jalapeno cornbread. We had it with fresh labneh,coriander, and cheddar cheese, because Monterrey Jack is no wheres to be found here!

Don't get me wrong, this chili is well worth it! The only things I adjusted were the chili powder to half a tbsp and the cumin to 1 heaping tsp and the white beans to 2 cans...It would have been TOO HOT if I had added 1 tbs chili powder...

You could really splurge on high quality ingredients in this recipe because it only calls for a little bit, not alot, of everything. Like the stock, for example, could be of a superior quality to a maggi cube like I used, as well as the beans and fresh sour cream.

The recipe is here:



Cynthia said...

Hey sweetie, you feeling better? Your are fully on the mend?

I love the idea of the ginger milk. I cannot easily digest dairy without taking a digestive aid so I'll get soon and definitely try the ginger milk.

meeso said...

I tried chicken chili once, your bowl full looks really good! The sesame crisp flakes look really good too!!!

Sultana said...

cynthia: Hello! Oh Thank God I am better now 100% from the cold. But..... I keep getting these horrible pressure headaches when I wake in the morning,as well as something that feels similar to a dull burning ring of fire in my stomach that makes me nauseous, i dont know why! Maybe Im sensitive to dairy! I dont know whats going on....Im going to the MD soon to see about this, because its about time I go!

Thats just such a hard thing to not be able to digest dairy, I honeslty dont know what id do if it were me, because i love milk...God help you with your difficulties... Im told this ginger milk is actually very good for digestion! Thanks for passing by my blog with your lovley greeeting, i appreciate it!


meeso: I you better belive my bowl was full to the top!, hee hee...
How did you find the chicken chili you made? was it similar to this one i made?

I just recently discovered these sesame crisps, and i think im an addict now.....I always was the one who picked off the sesame seeds from my bread and ate them alone anyways....So it figures id find these crisps delicious...

I actually bought some sesame seeds yesterday for a UAE sweet dish that I will be posting this evening called "batheeth"... needless to say Im" sesamed up" for a month....lol...Thanks for passing by, and I hope your kitty is doing well!


meeso said...

Actually a friend of mine made the chili, so I don't know how it was mad but it sounds very similar...and my kitty is doing much better, she's putting on weight and being spoiled :)

Sultana said...

meeso thats great :) See we are far apart yet the same thing happened to us! You found your cat, and Ive found A cat! hee hee...