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Friday, November 23

FeeBi Cat and Fly conversation this morning....

Sorry people, i know this is not food related except for the fact that this happened in the kitchen....BUT, I had to share this beyond ADORABLE (mashAllah) video of my Feebi Cat talking to a Fly!



Jamila said...

Essalam Alaikum,

Now that is so cute!!! How many cats do you have? Insha'Allah we want a cat, but are afraid that one of the babies will hurt it, or the other way around. lol

Sultana said...

Wa alaikum salam Sis :)

Im so glad to hear from you! I have 2 cats. FeeBi is a rescue cat and Shakespeare is from a pet store...I think its better if you dont have a cat till your children are old enough to take care of them without hurting them to be honest...so in that thing i agree with you!

Jamila said...

:-)Insha'Allah within the next few years!