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Saturday, November 3

Jacket Potato,Steak and Salad

I wouldn't really call this Steak, because it was VERY thin and and not juicy like a REAL steak...I do know what a REAL steak tastes like and this poor strip of meat is NOT it...BUT, it was nevertheless good for dinner...Not very imaginative. but hey, today was not a good day for my imagination. Im just to tired to think!
All I did was marinate the meat overnight in a bottle of Italian Dressing, and grilled it the next day. The Jacket potato is just baked at 175c for 1.4 hours, and filled with what you like. The salad is cucumber,tomato,dried mint and vegetable seasoning mixed with a herb vinaigrette dressing. That's all!


selin said...

Salamun Alaykum Sultana,
Wow, very nice :))

meeso said...

Steak or no steak, this looks great :)

Sultana said...

selin: Wa alaikum salam :) Thanks so much for your nice words!

meeso: Again, Thank you for visiting my page and for the lovley compliments :) It was delicious, thin and tough, or not! hee hee...