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Wednesday, November 7

Quick Chickpea Salad

This is a quick and nutritious salad you can make on a busy lunch break...I make this salad and different variations of it regularly for my family. You can add anything you like to it to "jazz" it up...
The basic mix is:
danish white cheese or feta
canned chickpeas
dried mint
garlicky vinegar salad dressing
I must add that I am soon to be on a "seriously strenuous" gym routine to lose a bit of weight, so you will be seeing alot more salads here soon!


meeso said...

This salad looks and sounds soooo good. I love feta & chickpeas!!! I had to laugh about the salads and gym...that is also a goal of mine. I keep making it to the gym but I'm not making enough of the salads :D

Sultana said...

meeso Thank you! I love this too :)

ha ha ha ha, seems we need to learn the balance between food and gym! Thanks for your sweet post, you made me laugh!