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Wednesday, January 2

Madhrooba finally!

"LOOMI" above, is dried lime

This is for all fo you who have emailed me or asked me about Madhrooba. I never expected to get such an interest in this dish as i did! I decided it was time to make it finally and to be honest, i missed eating this dish so much, it is one of my all time favorites. Its really great though and i do hope some of you try this recipe if you can and let me know what you think about it.
A Note: normally we drizzle "samen" clarified butter over it, but of course i didn't have any! The samen gives it a taste that is very distinctive, in fact, anything that has been cooked with or prepared with samen has a certain taste and smell that you know samen was used! Its VERY addictive, but also unhealthy too :(
This version of "Madhrooba" is actually a recipe I tried from UAEKittens Hungry? section of her website, its a different way from the Authentic Madhrooba which uses wheat, not rice as this recipe does, BUT, it is equally delicious! If you want to experiment and you have the time to do so I would say make the original recipe, but if you just want an easy tasty one Try the rice one from:
UAEKittens Hungry? Page...
You can also find at Fahad.com a Fish recipe for Madhrooba here:http://www.fahad.com/Dishes/Fish/math.html

The Authentic Recipe is as follows:
2 cups wheat seeds
1500g chicken
12 cups water
1 kg tomatoes
6 med size onions
4 garlic cloves grated
1 tsp minced fresh ginger
1 1/2 cup mixture of chopped fresh coriander and dill
2 med size hot peppers
5 cups white beet leaves chopped
2 celery stalks chopped into small pieces
5 tbs tomato sauce
2 tbs salt
1 big tbs bezar/baharat
1 level tbs turmeric powder
1 level tbs cinnamon powder
1/2 tbs cardamom powder
1/2 cup veggie oil
The day before, wash wheat and set aside in water to soak overnight.
The next day, wash chicken and put into pot of boiling 12 cups of water, skimming off scum. Meanwhile in another pot, Put tomatoes,onions,garlic,ginger,coriander and dill mix,celery,green pepper,and beet leaves, sprinkle with salt and pepper,bezar/baharat, turmeric,cinnamon,cardamom. Turn a little then add to chicken while boiling, then add veggie oil and tomato sauce. Cover and simmer on heat for one hour.
Remove from heat, if you used chicken with "bone in" then take out bones and throw away, then add soaked wheat to the chicken mix. Put pot back on heat and cover, cook for one hour, but stir it from time to time.
After one hour put pot onto low low heat and if you have one you should use the "metal circle heat barrier thingy" between the pot and burner, if not, then put the pot on the lowest heat you have! Keep like this till the wheat is fully tender. Then take off heat.
Okay, here's where you can be an "oldie" or a "modern chick".
To be an "oldie" get a BIG wooden spoon and beat the "bajeebers" out of whats inside the pot until smooth.
If your a "modern chick" and not into all that drama, then just get a really good electric hand held blender stick it in the pot and press "on", blend until smooth a bit like my last pic above.
To serve, spread a thinnish layer of Madhrooba on a wide plate, drizzle the Samen(clarified butter/ghee) over it and serve hot .


umzacharia said...

Subhanallah Sultana:

I've never laughed so hard when i read your description of how to "mix" this stuff. You go girl!!!!!! You know the pitiful thing is that this is similar to hareese, which my husb will make, because I'm too afraid to make it for fear I will mess it up - He is such a picky eater :(. I will take advantage of the time he is not here and try this. just two questions: one, where in the world am i going to find white beet leaves in the states and is there a good subsitute for this? two, what is your bezar mix? this could make or break it. OH, by the way, my husb got me a big wooden paddle for hareese so I could be an "oldie" and beat the "bajeebers" out of it.(HA HA HA). Thanks for the recipe and the laugh. I really needed that :).

Salams, umzacharia

meeso said...

I've never had this but it looks and sounds very good!

meeso said...

Yikes...I almost forgot! Happy New Year!!!!

Sultana said...

ummzacharia: ha ha ha ha ;) I have no idea where you can find beet leaves in USA, i know they grow in Texas, lol...i know that doesnt help...About the bezar/baharat i have a recipe for it here:


You Go Girl being an "oldie" and all that with your BIG wooden spoon! heh heh....I reccomend that you try the rice recipe first, before the wheat one.Its easier and I think you can find al the ingredients for it in USA...I hope you like it!

meeso:Thanks alot meeso! And to you have a Happy New Year :) You should try this recipe!