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Saturday, January 5

Sultana's Palate is going on a Diet

YES! A Diet!

Not the kind of diet where all you eat is chocolate shakes or crackers, but "a good food" diet.

I have a diet plan based "a little bit" on the South beach diet, but basically just good instinct on what works for me.

Below you'll find the diet plan and above 2 meals that Ive had since starting.

The Tuna and Egg is simply Tuna in a can fried in its own oil with a diced tomato and a tsp of cumin powder and a pinch of red pepper flakes and fresh coriander(optional). After the tuna, just throw some beat eggs into the same pan and till scrambled. Eat this with pita bread and fresh sliced tomato or alone if you like.

The salad recipe is simply:
1 bell pepper diced
1 tomato diced(take out seeds)
1 cucumber sliced in four length ways and diced
1/2 yellow onion diced
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup diced fresh coriander
1 can of chick peas

Mix all together and eat alone or with some low fat soft salty white cheese sprinkled on top.

These two dishes are fast easy and filling!

The Diet Plan

*i am in no way qualified to give nutritional advice to anyone! I eat and do what I think is best for me and what Ive found works for me. If you are looking for a nutritionsit please find a qualified one!


*Drinks: Coffee, green tea, low fat milk, normal tea and milk, juices (no sugar added) *Foods: Oatmeal, cornflakes, eggs and spinach, egg omelet with tomatoes, or Fool (cooked, smashed fava beans)with Arabic bread and homemade orange juice.

You can use store bought juice but make sure the ingredients says “NO SUGAR ADDED.”


Salad First! Then, Soup (based with tomato or broth) or Vegetables, Then meat or fish dish.

*Salad: Arabic salad, Fattoush, any salad you like but NOT a lot of dressing with cream or mayonnaise in it. Use apple cider vinegar and olive oil and Italian salad dressings more, also, hummus works as a delicious topping on Arabic salad! You can also make only a salad as your lunch with cut chicken in it or tuna too (protein in meat is important for lunch), serve it with a bowl of soup. You can also have Waraq Ainab(grape leaves stuffed).

*Soups: vegetable soup, spicy tom yum soup, chicken soup, cabbage soup, no cream based soups!

*Vegetables: Any veggies you like cooked in a healthy way!

*Meat: Tuna Fish, Salmon Fish, Chicken breasts without skin, Beef or Lamb without a lot of fat (called LEAN meat), shrimp. NO processed meats like hot dog, frozen kebab in packets… Cook your meat by grilling or baking or gently frying in olive oil or boiling in water or sauce.

Do not fry your meat in yellow oil or butter! You can use olive oil to fry it gently. No Deep frying food.

“3 cow” cheese slices, cucumber sliced thin with low fat white cheese wrapped inside, tomatoes with halloumi cheese and sautéed bell pepper slices, nuts of your choice(not a lot) Fresh fruits like grapefruit, watermelon, oranges, apples, cherries, and many others and you can eat with a bit of natural honey if you like. Carrots dipped in hummus.

Don’t eat a lot of bananas, pears, peaches, mangos, fruit with lots of sugars, dates with syrup in it.


Dinner should be lighter than lunch. Try to avoid eating after 8 pm. If you feel hungry after dinner then drink a glass of water then wait 10 minutes, if you’re still hungry you can have any of the foods listed under “Snacks”.
Drink one glass of water!

Soup: as above.
Salad: as above.
Meat: as above
Vegetable: as above.

Extra Stuff:

To clean out your body from “the bad stuff” and give weight loss a jump start you can:

-Drink 1 tsp of honey mixed with a glass of warm water in the morning after breakfast

-Drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp lemon juice also after breakfast


meeso said...

Good job and good luck! Just eat healthy when you're hungry and you will be fine :) It will be great for you to post your progress here...and a lot of people will probably start looking on your blog for healthy foods to eat!

الأستاذ بلاليط said...

mashallah 3leech

ماشاء الله عليج

تعرفين تسوين بلاليط؟؟

do u know how to make blalet

Sultana said...

meeso: i agree with you, it is really that simple! Just as you said plus going to the gym daily for a 2 hour workout!I will try my best on the healthy food part, heh heh....Thanks so much for stopping by :)

الأستاذ بلاليط: Thank you... and YES i know how to make it...

Blue Sunflower said...

Salaams Sultana

I came across your blog by chance and I just loved the food and pictures that you posted. I have also tried to create my own food blog - but its a work in progress....

Good Luck on your diet. Im sure it will be fine - Good Luck

Anonymous said...

essalam alaikum sis!

congrats on your new lifestyle change/adjustment!!!!

i hope you don't mind or take offense, i had just wanted to add a bit of information.

if you live in the usa, "no sugar added" or "sugar free" usually means corn syrup (which actually is sugar), sweet in low, splenda, nutra sweet etc. all of which have either proven harmful to the human body or there is no evidence of the long term effect so it could go either way.

making your own juice with a juicer or just eating an apple instead of apple juice is far healthier for you!