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Wednesday, January 30

Rotisserie Chicken and Tom Yum Soup

The Rotisserie Chicken is found here:http://www.recipezaar.com/152116


Cynthia said...

Are the french fries hiding under that chicken? :)

Sultana said...

hee hee yes they are....Well at least about 4 of them. See the story goes that since im on a diet i cant have french fries, SO, considering the chicken was laying on a bed of fries i made a deal that whatever fries stuck to my piece of chicken, i could eat them...lols...does that make me crazy....lol...Thanks for passing by cynthia!

Mona said...

Ha Ha, thats a good resolution :-)
Thanks for sharing the recipe, Liked ur blog, its good mashallah!!


Sultana said...

Thank you very much Mona:) Welcome to my blog!

Seena said...

Assalam Alaikkum Sultana,
what a nice blog! Love , love it..
am going to add you in my food blog list.. :)