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Sunday, September 9

Meat and Spinach with Rice

Fresh Spinach Bundles

Chopped and added to the meat mix

FeeBi and Shakespeare munching their snack!

Preparing Ramadan Gift Baskets...3 days to go!

Tonights Menu was Spinach and Meat with Rice... I couldnt pass up on some fresh spinach bundles I saw at the supermarket fresh produce section, it was too good looking! Normally I make this dish with frozen spinach but what a Savory Extra UMPH when its fresh! Even the Cats enjoyed munching on the spinach leaves! After dinner I started preparing the Gift Baskets I have been meaning to start at least a week ago, but lazy as I am, never got round to it. Now Ramadan is so close and I of course must rush to finish them. Lazy Sultana! tsk tsk tsk...
Spinach with Meat
1/2 kilo mince meat
1 cup fresh coriander
2 onions sliced thin
1 tbs powder coriander
1 tsp bezar
4 tbs oil
1 tbs blended garlic
2 maggi chicken stock cubes: 1 melted in 1 cup water
1 kilo Spinach fresh or frozen
1 large lemons juice
pepper to taste
Fry onion in oil, add meat and maggi cube and bezar, cook till done, set aside.
In another pot over med heat put a bit of oil followed by the garlic,fry a little,then add powder coriander, then spinach,frresh coriander,hlaf of meat mixture,and the maggi cube in 1 cup of water. cover and cook till spinach is soft. Add the rest of the meat mix, and mix a little. Serve with fresh yougurt over the top with rice.

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meeso said...

Yum, you have a meat and spinach dish too :) I love this combination!