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Monday, September 10

My First Try Apple Pie!

Finished Apple Pie

Apple Stuffing

The Dough

Sweet and Fruity Scented Soaps!

Peek Inside

Today I "attempted" to make an Apple Pie...Let me just say that I have NEVER made a pie of any kind before! I searched the net for the simplest yet enticing recipe. I gave up on that and settled for simplest one I could find after an hour and around 15 or so pages of recipes.

I was supposed to make 3 pies today actually. Lemon Chess Pie, Chocolate Chess Pie and Apple Pie. BUT I didn't get home till 4 pm and was not about to spend another few hours rolling dough and baking... Tomorrow Ill make the Chess pies and post about them here(inshallah).
On another note, I purchased the best smelling, scrumptious looking, fruit and chocolate infused soaps today! I found them at a place called Areej in Marina Mall for those of you who adore "lotions and potions" like me and may want to check it out. They had a whole shelf in the back of the store for skincare and body care I had never seen before except for the Victoria's Secret Section. They tend to be my "spa at home" selections because I never go to hotel spas!



Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah sis! Pie making takes practice and you are doing such a good job! I do love pie! YUMMMMMMMMMM

Sultana said...

Barak Allahu Fiki Sis! Oh i think those were my first and last ones! Its so difficuly to prepare with the waiting and rolling, im to impatient! lol... The chocolate didnt go down well with the family, But, the lemon was gone VERY fast... Pie is delicious, when someone else makes it!