----------------------ABU DHABI----------------------

Saturday, September 1

Todays Menu

Cubed Potato:A Start to Lunch

To Keep Your Coriander Longer:Wash,Roll in Clingfilm,Roll that into Aluminium foil,Freeze. It chops up very easy when unrolled!

Fried Spicy Potato

Fried Spicy Potato and Scrambled Eggs with Cold Spinach-Yogurt Dip

Tuna in Rich Sauce eaten with Parathas


Anonymous said...

I'm making parathas for lunch right now.

Your food looks so yummy!!!!!! Where are the pictures of the parathas? :-)

Sultana said...

Yummm, i think this week has been the "paratha week" for me and my family! Everyday we have had dinner with parathas...Im thinking of making some stuffed ones later in the week inshallah...

I didnt take pics of them because i figured once youve seen one, youve seen them all,lol. I did post some in a post below this one for the Lamb in Rich Sauce...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yeah,more than one I suppose is overdone, I didn't see it before I posted that comment. :-)