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Sunday, September 23

Meatball Casserole (Sahan Köfte) and Lentil Soup

Today I was inspired by two different blogs for our evening meal....Both of these blogs I have found recently and they have become quite a blessing to me! I LOVE all the photos and recipes of both equally.

So, tonight's ftoor(dinner) was a recipe from each. Thanks alot to:

http://almostturkish.blogspot.com/search/label/Meaty for the DELICIOUS meaty main course, and to:

For these recipes and more from these talented Cooks visit their sites and explore their TASTY blogs!

The only alterations I made were these:

In the Meatball Casserole I didn't use bell pepper because I was not about to walk to the grocery store while I'm fasting in the middle of abu dhabis heatwave of an afternoon! So NO pepper for me! Also, I couldn't make it look pretty like the original recipe says to, because, I do not have an oven proof pot. I did not realize this until after I had cooked it on the stove and was ready to transfer it to the oven, SO, I had to mess it all up to put it in an oven proof pan...It didn't effect the taste though! It was gggggggreat...

In the Lentil Soup I went a little "shredder happy" (after my sister who was helping me went "shredder happy" and shredded her finger...duhhhhh woman!) and I shredded a whopping 5 carrots and 5 zucchinis and 3 potatoes to put into the soup...needless to say it was too much and almost didn't fit in the pot, but, I just added more water and salt and pepper and it tasted exactly the same, delicious!
note to sis: The extra protein never surfaced and is now either lost in the extra, or lost in the stomach. Either way, its our secret!


BuJ said...

oh dear.. this stuff is yummy.. i've invited a few friends over for iftar.. now i know what to make them :)

BuJ said...

the meat balls look divine!

btw, maybe it's just me, but i prefer the appearance of uncooked meat.. it looks so neat!

Arabic Bites said...

Marhaba sultana,
Thanks so much for mention our blog.

I'am glad that my Lentil soup recipes work well for you .

Ramadan Kareem.

Sultana said...

Buj: I highly recommend this dish. It is easy enough "for you" (since you eat for survival,lol) and tastes great!

arabic bites: Zainab thank you so very much :)