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Monday, September 24

Quick Sugar and Spice Fruit Pie

This is a VERY FAST easy dish to make children want to eat their fruit! It is packed into a layer of digestive biscuits and custard. Very tasty as a treat for the children once and while, not alot though, its full of sugar, and theyll be banging thier bodies into walls at 50 kph if you serve it more often!

you will need:

1 pack digestive biscuits
300ml custard with banana essence(make ahead) see my recipe for this in previous post
1 lrg can mix fruit in light syrup
2 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs butter
1 tbs white sugar
1 tbs cinnamon powder

Crumble biscuits into pie pan, leave 2 for topping. Heat pot on med heat, add butter, then brown sugar, mix till melted, add fruit and cinnamon and white sugar, cook till fruit is mushy and fragrant. Pour into pie pan and spread evenly. Pour custard over this, and crumble reserved 2 biscuits onto it.



BuJ said...

yummmmmy.. i am sure it would work on me coz sugar is the best thing in the world (after farley's rusks)


CG said...

buj is salivating once more.....Sultana, just send him some via fedex...;

Sultana said...

Buj: lol..ok...Farley's rusks? Isnt that for babies?? lols, im not sure!

cg: cg, ill have to send him a napkin and a cup, because as we all know the post system is stoneage. lols...