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Wednesday, October 17

Apple Bread

This bread is a very hearty thick breakfast bread, and would be equally delicious if served as dessert with whipped cream on top! I think it would also taste very nice if fresh ginger is added in the mixing process with the cinnamon :) The apple pieces are gooey and soft inside the bread once its baked, and, when you get a chunk of apple in your bite it is delicious!
This bread will fill your home with a freshly baked delicious apple cinnamon smell...
The only drawback is that it takes an hour and 15 minutes or so to bake! That's a long time!
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Nabeela said...

the cake looks delicious. I've never tried an apple cake...need to try one soon.

Sultana said...

thank you so much Nabeela :) It was delicious, but if i would want to make it more perfect i feel it needed moisture in it... but with cream on top, oh my!

I do recommend Apple Bread.

Umm Maryam said...

Looks yummy mashaAllah! The recipe seems simple too. I had recently made an apple cake from allrecipes.com. That was great too. Beautiful pics! : )

Sultana said...

umm maryam barak allahu fiki :) It was VERY simple and fast to make as you thought. I like to try recipes from the internet, and this one was just that. Sometimes they come out delicious, and other times I wonder if the people wrote up the recipe as a joke to ruin peoples food! Allrecipes has great recipes, ive tried a few and they have not dissappointed! Thank you so much for the lovley compliments on my photos :)