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Monday, October 1

Garlic Chicken with Quick Mushroom Sauce and Mix Veggies

You will need:
1 pack chicken breast, skinless and boneless, each piece sliced lengthwise in half
1/2 cup lurpack butter
4 tbs blended garlic paste
pack of mix veggies
1 sachet Maggi mushroom soup
2 cubes Maggi vegetable stock
Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt half the quantity of butter, and add 2 tbs garlic paste,stir thoroughly for 1 minute, add half the quantity chicken and cook till browned and a bit crispy on both sides( i like it a little blackened). Repeat with the other half of butter,garlic, and chicken. Keep warm and set aside.
Mix the mushroom soup with 5 cups of water, and simmer till thick. Pour into sauce bowl,keep warm,set aside.
Boil veggies with the Maggi cubes in 2 cups water till cooked thoroughly and no water is left.
Serve Chicken with mushroom sauce poured over it and veggies on the side.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas on places to apply for jobs through? = making hijrah

Sultana said...

Salam aleikum Sis... you can look at Bayt.com for UAE jobs and i think other muslim countries....What are the qualifications of you and your spouse.. i mean what are you interested in??? I could help my best from here to find out info about UAE inshallah....Hope this helps.. let me know if you need any additional help...

sultana :)

Anonymous said...

Barak Allahu Feeki!

I have been using Bayt for DH. Myself, I am a SAHM so it's not an issue for me. Any other websites?

Sultana said...

Salam Sis, depending on his qualifications, you could go to major company websites operating out of middle east and look up careers with them in your husbands field of work....If he is in oil and gas I could get you more connections, but will have to talk privately with you for that....