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Friday, October 5

Pepper Fiesta!

The ONLY way to buy Basil in Abu Dhabi it seems!

Ready for the oven...
Just out of the oven after 40 minutes...
Stuffed Chili Peppers with Cream Cheese
and after frying them!

Tonight's Meal consisted of Stuffed Bell Peppers(again).....Fried Stuffed Chili peppers and some Meat and Rice stuffed Chili peppers....

The recipe that I had found for Stuffed Bell Peppers was really good and safe, but I have Cajun taste buds, therefore I need heat in my food, and this recipe just didn't have it....

I'm still searching for a Feisty Stuffed Bell pepper recipe that has some "zing" to it, if anyone comes across one, please, let me know!

The Stuffed Fried chili peppers were my husbands obsession this summer....Although it started with Jalapeno peppers, i couldn't find that last night in the supermarket, so I picked up some big chili peppers thinking it would work as well....And it did...very well.. the only thing is, I am yet to find a batter that sticks to the pepper like the ones in the restaurant we ate them in did...

All it took was:

Some big green peppers

1 carton cream cheese



chili powder

garlic powder

2 eggs beat and set aside in a bowl

Mix flour and spices together, set aside.

Clean out the inside of the peppers, fill with cream cheese softened(put cheese in a Ziploc bag and cut off the tip to fill peppers). Dip peppers in egg then into flour and immediately into deep fryer on a med heat setting. Let fry for 1 minute or so, then remove to platter. Serve immediately.

For the Stuffed meat and rice chili peppers just stuff with the same stuffing found in the recipe for the Stuffed bell peppers. Put into oven and cook in moderate oven till skin is softened.

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