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Tuesday, October 30

White Beans and Chicken (Russian)

Between going back to language school and running a household I'm finding it takes a bit longer for me to blog! Yesterday for dinner I wanted to try something completely different from what we normally eat, so I looked up Russian cuisine and found an amazing site made by a Russian woman who is trying to finance a cookbook. Her recipes have lovely pictures to help you choose a dish and very simple instructions. I chose White Beans with Chicken, and you can find this recipe here:http://recipes.siteburg.com/all_photos.htm

I highly recommend that you take a look at her site!


Nabeela said...

How did the chicken turn out?

Sultana said...

Ow Nabeela i cant belive i forgot to write that down! LOL..My brain is gone i think...

The chicken was good...Not spectacular, but good for an evening meal after a long day at work...It could be better if the chicken were marinated first in a seasoning and maybe if a little chicken stock was added with the beans, I think... But other than that, it was great :)

Thanks so much for reminding me that i missed writing that part, and thanks for taking and interest and asking about it!