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Sunday, October 14

Lamb Lasagna

This is a HIGHLY recommended recipe...

It is very easy to make.

all you need is:

10 lasagna noodles cooked and set aside
1/2 kilo mince beef or lamb
1 tbs curry powder
2 tsp mince garlic
3 cups white sauce
1 jar(big) of Ragu Traditional pasta sauce(reserve a bit for spreading on the bottom of baking tray)
2 packs cream cheese
6 cups shredded mozzarella cheese(reserve 3 cups;1 for topping, and 2 for cheese mix)
2 maggi chicken stock cubes


Brown mince meat in a skillet and add garlic, curry powder and maggi cubes towards the end, mix well till thoroughly cooked and mixed evenly. Stir pasta sauce into it and set aside.

Mix 2 cups mozzarella cheese with all the cream cheese in a big bowl,set aside.

Pour a small amount of pasta sauce into bottom of small baking dish so lasagna wont stick and layer the bottom with lasagna noodles then meat mix, then cheese mix, then layer another layer lasagna noodles same as the last, making sure that you use all the meat and cheese mix evenly in these 2 layers. Sprinkle the top layer with the last cup of mozzarella cheese. Bake at 160C for 40 minutes or until top layer is browned.

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