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Monday, October 22

Dinner tonight was a "craving for healthy" dish, even though the healthiest of you reading this would scream NO.....For me and my tastebuds, this is considered healthy! The only thing that could be really considered "bad" in this dish is the olive oil! Everything else is good for you...
In moderation of course :)
The recipe was a mix of my own desires and another from epicurious.com.
To see their recipe click here:
Now what I did was this:
I fried an onion in olive oil and added minced garlic(to your own taste), then I added sliced zucchini and stirred it around for about 5 minutes, then I added "store bought vegetable seasoning"(any mix you like) and stirred it through, cooked it for 10 minutes and turned off heat. I added this to some cooked pasta(spiral kind because it grabs the zucchini pieces) and dusted over vegetable seasoning and Parmesan cheese..That's It!

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