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Saturday, August 25

Cashew and Vanilla Ice Cream with Date Syrup

My Indulgence Tonight :)


3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup crushed roasted cashews
drizzle of date syrup (I use liwa farm date syrup-support local farmers!)

Scoop vanilla ice cream into a bowl,sprinkle over cashews,drizzle date syrup over in a nice design. Indulge...


Fatima said...

Oh! Yum. I love your blog. Great stuff, keep going.

P.s Can you do something on Ramadan for us?

Sultana said...

Thanks so much fatima :) Im happy to know that you like it! Really it means alot to me!

Inshallah i can do, what would you like? i mean waht would you like it to be about, im not sure if you meant food or Islamic....

sultana :)