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Saturday, August 25

Spicy! Egg Roast

If you have been following my posts then you'll have read the one where i explain my awe for spice sections of supermarkets, and the one i recently visited. I purchased a spice mixture on that trip named Egg Roast Masala, and today i decided to give it a try.

The dish itself is deliciously hot and sweet, but once mixed with white rice it becomes mild and needs salt!

It was delicious...I have never tried to eat boiled eggs on rice before. The sauce is quick and easy to make, not alot of ingredients if you have the "masala" already mixed, not expensive to buy the products needed if you don't, and has a very distinct aroma once cooked...My whole house filled with the smell of boiled eggs(i will not say what that smells like!) but then, once i made the sauce, its aroma overpowered everything else. I think the whole building i live in may have been drooling, i would be! It smelled like a tropical coconut spice shop...

The recipe below is my own version for this dish. I have modified another recipe to suit my taste.

***the reason for so many pictures is because my husband saw my website and told me that maybe people would like to see more photos of the process of cooking a dish so they know their doing it right.. ha ha... so hence the photos above!

Egg Roast-Sultana Style


6 boiled eggs, sliced in half

2 tsp egg roast masala(spice mix, i will give the recipe for this below)

3 med purple onions, sliced thin

2 med tomatoes, diced small

1 tsp blended ginger

1 tsp blended garlic

3 tbs oil for frying

a few fresh curry leaves

salt(to taste at the end)

1 1/2 cups thick coconut milk(i use the powder in warm water)

Make sure you boil the eggs first. Set aside.Also make white rice to your liking for serving with egg roast.

Heat saucepan to med heat, add onion,fry 5 min,add curry leaves,garlic,ginger,fry.

Lower heat to med-low(if sticking),add masala and little water and continue frying 5 min.

Add tomatoes,and coconut milk.

Put on med-low heat and cook until thickened.

Put serving of white rice in a plate,put egg on top,pour over the sauce,add salt to taste(may need quite alot).



Egg Roast Masala(spice mix)

*equal quantities of each below

chilli powder

coriander powder

turmeric powder

cinnamon powder

clove powder


fennel powder


Recipe 1

Mix together powders. Store in an airtight container,use as needed.

Recipe 2(recommended)

Buy these spices whole, dry roast them till aroma spreads,then grind to a powder. Store in an airtight container and use as needed.

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