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Friday, August 24

Irresistable Italian

Tonight we had more take away...My fault...I just don't have the energy to cook or even want to be near a stove the last 3 days...Sometimes you get sick of your own food!

We had Il Forno in Al Wahda Mall for dinner.

I had the Insalata pepperoni e rucola, and the Cannelloni nizzarda.

The Cannelloni Nizzarda is Pasta sheets stuffed with Spinach,ricotta cheese,topped with fresh cream sauce baked in the oven. To put it bluntly, it had no taste but salt.

I think to make it better they need to make the spinach fresher and not cook it into oblivion, because the spinach's flavour wasn't there. The white sauce was the same. It need salt and pepper for seasoning.

On a better note.

The Insalata pepperoni e rucola was delicious. This simple salad is healthy,full of the good stuff, and filling.

You can easily make this at home. All you need is:

Arugula leaves

Lettuce(mixed kinds if you like)

feta cheese squares

cherry tomatoes

pepperoni slices

black olives

Ceaser Salad dressing

Tear lettuce and mix with arugula leaves, add cherry tomatoes,then feta,olives,pepperoni and lastly ceaser salad dressing sprinkled over. Serve.

I love the taste of the arugla leaves, they are peppery but not overpowering, and have many health benefits as well!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Minus the Feta I could eat an entire plate of EACH all alone! Yummmmmm!

I have a strange question. They make Pepperoni there?

Sultana said...

hee hee , yes we have pepperoni. Normally it comes in the arabic local made variety which is really spicy, or you can get the imported halal one which is a bit more costly. We used to make alot of gumbos before with no polska kielbasa sausage(which is a must in my moms gumbo) until one day VOILA! it was in the supermarkets here and it was halal... so we stocked up!

Basically you can get everything you need here, pls fresh and exotic ingredients from the subcontinent and southeast asia as well...Its a big mix of many flavours from different countries that fuel this need for fresh imports.

The only thing i wish we had more on the market of is LOCAL farm produce. Many countries around the world highly praise the "fresh from the farm" markets in thier cities, but here, in the UAE, its very difficult find fresh local produce and specialty products(ex,fresh goast cheese) in the stores.
We have so many goats here we could have a thriving Goat cheese Market!

Anonymous said...

I have not made a Gumbo since 2001.

What I really want and craved throughout my last three pregnancies was a nice crawfish boil or an Etouffee, but looks like I won't be getting either one of those for a longgggggggggg time! :-( Funny how when I'm pregnant I crave what I ate most growing up.

Sultana said...

oh yes etouffee would be nice! i adore,love,crave,must have crawfish etouffee everytime im back in La. My family being cajun and all we have at least 1 crawfish boil,1 crab boil,and 1 catfish and brim(dont know how to spell it) fry...oh with the corn and potato, and hush puppies! yumm!