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Saturday, August 11

Thai Express Tasting

Name: Thai Express

Where: Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

Order: Phad Thai Noodles(chicken)
Price: 29 dhs
Rating: 3/5 (5 being Best)
The taste was mostly of peanuts and the sauce used to flavour the noodles. I couldn't really taste the other ingredients,except for a bean sprout now and then.The amount of chicken inside was generous and the size of the serving was perfect for 1 person.I was given soy sauce and 2 small servings lemon juice as accompaniments. The lemon tasted the best with the noodles. The service was excellent. They greeted me with smiles, and were very talkative.The waitress even bowed to say goodbye! Overall its a good dish to try when you want a quick dinner that tastes good, although value for money was not the best in this case...

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