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Tuesday, August 14

Mufullaq (Saudi Wheat and Meat Dish)

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Just a note: This is my first time to make this dish. I found that it is a very muted tasting dish, and im thinking its an aquired taste. Dont let this put you off, wheat dish lovers will enjoy this, and all i add to this recipe is tasting for salt in the end...

Time to make:1 1/2 hours

3 cups jireesh (crushed wheat) * I soaked it overnight

4½ cups water
1 Ib. lamb or beef cut into large chunks
2 onions, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
2 tomatoes, chopped, or 1 small can (2 ½ ozs.) tomato paste

Wash the wheat and soak for two hours(or overnight) in water to cover. Brown the meat in oil or shortening, add the chopped tomato, salt, pepper and 1 cup of the water. Simmer until the meat is tender and set aside. Drain the wheat and fry it gently in oil or shortening, stirring constantly, until it begins to turn color. Add the meat mixture and the remaining 3½ cups of water to the wheat, cover, and cook (over med low heat or it will stick)until all the water is absorbed and the wheat is fluffy. Fry the onion and place it in a depression in the center of the wheat. Cover and allow the mufallaq to steam over a very low flame for about ½ hour. Stir the onion into the wheat and turn the mixture out onto a platter, picking out the biggest of the meat pieces to place across the top.


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