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Wednesday, August 29

Pistachio and Cream Pasta

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to the people who have viewed my page and taken the time to comment at least once on something, even if it was one word! I do appreciate it! Ive noticed I have so many people viewing my page from so MANY countries(scroll down to the bottom of this page to see them in the neat little box called "Where did you come from today")and I find that one of the great things I love about the Internet.
I might have inspired someone in China or Estonia(yes, someone visited from there!) in their choice of dinner tonight.. I do hope that whenever you do visit you find something useful here or if you try a recipe, let me know!
Drop by the comments section and let me know how it tasted,what you added or took away, and if it was worth the effort..lol....sometimes our escapades in food preparation can be tedious to say the least, and then a bland meal comes out of it, and that's when your ready to quit the kitchen!

Anyway, tonight we were late arriving home from an "excursion". Well to put it bluntly, I needed to buy new contacts because my bathroom 5 level shelf decided it was going to collapse. All my perfumes and lotions and potions fell to the ground in one big glass mess.
All the perfumes broke into a putrid scented puddle on the floor. Somewhere along the way my precious contacts(eyes to the world basically,I'm blind without them) got thrown into a parallel universe, because even after cleaning up i couldn't find them!
So, until Saturday I'm stuck in my Grannie glasses. I vow not to depart from my home till that day because of this fact. My glasses are stone age, coke bottle, scratched, chipped paint,Grannie spectacles....

OK, so we got home late, I threw some pasta into boiling water,decided 5 minutes later what to do with it, and also cooked some spinach and drizzled yogurt over it.
The pasta recipe is an influence from a few recipes i had seen before on different blogs but couldn't find again, Its not gourmet people, but it turned out tasty for those of you who like cream and Parmesan together,at least try it once!
It is basically 4 ingredients, but you could easily add more to it for different tastes, experiment with it and let me know!

Pistachio and Cream Pasta

1 pack linguine

1 carton cream

1 cup pistachios,crush them or blend chunky

Parmesan cheese to serve


olive oil

Boil noodles, drain, sprinkle olive oil. Set aside.

Blend or crush pistachios,add cream to your desired consistency( i made it thickish),add salt.

Mix this with the pasta in a big bowl.

Serve onto plates,sprinkle Parmesan as you like. Voila! Done...

For the Spinach

Boil fresh spinach( I used 1 kilo) till soft,drain but leave a little water,put into serving bowls,add salt to taste. Pour yogurt onto it and mix to eat it.


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