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Sunday, August 19

===Dinner Tonight===

The reason for such a quick unimaginative supper tonight was my "mother of all headaches"...I could barley open my eyes i was in so much pain, so, stuffing a chicken was the least on my mind tonight...Inshallah, tomorow the stuffed chicken will make its appearance here as my dinner...Enjoy the pics :)

Pasta with Meat Sauce

Ragu garlic pasta sauce

minced lamb meat

blended garlic

2 Maggi cubes

Pasta noodles(any)

Salt to taste

Boil spaghetti in Maggi cubes,drain,drizzle olive oil.

Brown blended garlic in a little butter, add meat, brown, add pasta sauce, simmer 10 minutes.

Serve with pasta noodles.


Fruit Cream Salad

1 can of fruit in syrup(drain)

1/2 cup cream

crushed cashews

Layer fruit, pour cream,sprinkle cashews.



tanzy-panzy said...


i was just surfing the site, and saw ur food diary. hehe..

lotsa dishes in here,
perhaps il try the desserts one day.

see ya.

Sultana said...

Hi There, tanzy-panzy (loving your nick).....

Thank you so much for dropping by! Please do return with pen and paper, and try some recipes, hope you like them :)

again, thanks alot for viewing my food diary, i appreciate it!