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Wednesday, August 22

Daily Food Buzz

Today I went to the newly opened Lulu Hypermarket in Al Wahda Mall. It opened for business this morning at 11:00 am. It is 2 floors. The first is really only a fabric and dress shop for Indian,Arabic,and Pakistani dresses and fabrics. It's the 2nd floor that i was DAZZLED by...

This floor has almost everything you can think of when it comes to food. They have many dairy products from USA, like for example a WHOLE ROW for different kinds of cookies to bake,croissants,biscuits, and french bread in the dairy section....This is something VERY hard to find outside of Spinneys.. now its not...

They also have ready to cook marinated chicken and meats, and I found a full lamb roast, rolled and ready for cooking for 60 dhs, and it was huge. The fish was reasonably priced as well, the hammour was around 22-24 dhs per kilo, and it was very fresh.They also had a dried fish and shrimp section. Don't get me started on the fresh fruit and Veg section. It had EVERYTHING. Most importantly, it was all very fresh.

I became mesmerized in the spice section. I love using exotic spices and mixes. I love to try new things. This, therefore, led to me being a dumbstruck idiot in front of the section for Indian and Pakistani spice mixes... I settled for two kinds in the end, as i was not prepared money wise for what my eyes feasted on..That diversion took me 10 minutes, the world zoned out in that time, all i saw was this shelf full of colorful boxes promising mouth watering dishes.

The Hot Prepared Food stations were nothing short of amazing. They had Filipino,Indian,Pakistani,Arabic,Chinese,Italian cuisine as prepared hot dishes of all sorts, and, at reasonable prices. I can easily see that this area of the store could quite possibly win competition against the food court area upstairs in the mall itself(if they keep up the good quality of food and selection).
You can get a full roasted chicken for 5 dhs only, and it came with a complimentary Pepsi, ha ha...They also had a live pasta cooking area, which i divulged in. I ordered Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta. To be honest, all the other foods I ordered were delicious, but this pasta needed some major spice loading when I got home and ate it. It was just "bland", and needed spicing up! I found some good quality tortillas, a pack is 5 dhs. It is VERY rare to find tortillas for that price. I bought some and made myself a treat. Tortilla and Nutella wraps...Yumm...

The staff were more than helpful,everyone had a smile and a good morning ready on their tongues. The center itself was the model of clean,except for a small OJ spill in the juice section which was cleaned up minutes later.Considering this was the grand opening i do hope this level of service doesn't change as the store becomes settled. We will see!

Anyway, im not going to babble any longer.
In Short,
If you want good value and excellent selection of foodstuffs, go to LuLu Hypermarket in Al Wahda Mall.
Enjoy the photos!

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