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Thursday, August 2

Lazy Lentils and Rice

This recipe is for those days when you have barley any food left in the house and need to go grocery shopping or you run the risk of eating an experiment mixture of available scraps of food that tastes like dirt or worse..(yes,I've done it)

Lazy Lentils

5-6 cups red lentil(actually orange,go figure)
3 normal sized potatoes chopped in small squares(not the mega ones)
3-4 purple onions(can use any, but i love Indian purple ones,i find they have more flavour)
1 med. can tomato paste
minced garlic(ALOT, to your taste)
2 cups fresh coriander cut up(to wash: rinse under water then bang it on side of sink)
2 tbs "bezar"(spice mix i will explain another time,its gulf Arab spices)
2 tbs turmeric
oil(enough to fry onions)
water to boil lentils

Boil lentil and potatoes in water(enough to cover,never let it dry out) till done, don't over boil or it will taste gritty!

In another bigger pot fry onions till golden,add garlic, turn down heat to med. low,then add bezar and turmeric,then tomato paste,stir together,last add fresh coriander. Pour cooked lentils into the pot with the onion mix and add salt(i add quite a bit) and pepper for taste, mix...
Serve with white rice and plain salted yogurt over the top...

This dish is VERY filling...Please note that if saved in the fridge for the next day, don't be alarmed at the smell when you open the container to heat it, ha ha, its normal for it to smell like...well....GAS...

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