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Sunday, August 12

A "Figgin" Disaster

A good start

Smelling So Sweet

Getting Thick and Juicy

Looks good right?

My "Rolling Pin"

So this looks like it could be tasty right?


So yes, I'm human and i make mistakes,BUT, for this horrible recipe i will not take credit..

I followed the directions perfectly and if that's the way its supposed to taste, well, i quit figs!

It was destined for disaster from the start:

1) The dough wasn't a nice smooth plump thing, it was flat..

2) I couldn't find my darn roller, so i had to improvise and use a glass bottle(full of liquid)

3)Because of the glass bottle usage the shapes i rolled looked like a 3 year old's attempt.

4)The cat stole a few of the "beautiful" figs i had set aside for the garnishing.She then proceeded to get them stuck in the palate of her mouth when i rushed to get them back, so i panic, the cat is panicking, and i shove my fingers in and pull the goo out.Problem solved...no harm done! Thank God!


Anonymous said...

Essalam Alaikum,
These do look beautiful, too bad they didn't turn out as you would have liked. Did they taste good? They sure look good.

Sultana said...

Wa aleikum Salam Sis :)

Thank you so much, Barak allahu fiki... The dough was a disaster, and when you bit into it the dough fell apart and was powdery...this was the problem....the dough! MashAllah you know alot about dough, maybe i need to be taking hints from you... Im thinking next time (inshallah)i will make Maamoul with dates and figs...The inside fig mix came out beautifully mashallah and i added honey to it before baking to make it sweeter...


Anonymous said...

What was in the dough?

Sultana said...

hummm lets see, it was made with:

all purpose flour
butter folded in to it
one egg
some milk

that was it..